Manage all aspects of home production from the field

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Focusing on the Construction and Delivery of the Home

Builders can approve purchase orders in the field directly from the schedule, document job specific details, communicate with vendors, request variance purchase orders and view plan and selection information in real time.


During construction, schedules can be controlled and changed using a calendar format, a Gantt chart, a CPM chart or an activity list. A management by exception philosophy is used to track schedule exceptions with reasons.

Accessing construction job information from the field via a standard web page or through a smart phone. Sapphire Build allows field supervisors to access schedules, construction drawings, and other information for every job for which they are responsible. Supervisors can change and approve construction activities through their home pages.

Manage approval of PO’s and request variance purchase orders on the web or from your smart phone. Field supervisors can track quality issues, attach photos to electronic job files and communicate with trade partners.

Sales order and home buyer information are accessed directly into SAPPHIRE Build Production.

  • View Plans, Options & Selections Information
  • Scheduling
    • CPM Based Schedules
    • Tracking of Scheduling exceptions
  • Manage PO’s, VPOs, Back charges, Invoices
  • Track Quality Issues
  • Change Order Processing
  • Communicate with Trade Partners
  • Attach Photos & Documents to Lot File

We estimate we will save the company $500,000 in unnecessary change orders.

Tom Dreier

Oakwood Homes