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Improve the home buying experience for your customers

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SAPPHIRE Build focuses on the experience for the home buyer in configuring their home and to ensure sales order and contract are correct. From their initial interaction on the builder’s marketing website to the sales office experience through to the design center choices, SAPPHIRE Build uses the same powerful home configurator.

The builder will have the confidence that a home buyer on the web searching for a home or the sales associates at the sales office can not configure a home that cannot be built. The sales configurator will guide the home buying process and restrict sales choices so that a home that can not be built will not be available. From the initial lot selection, home model selection, exterior color selection, structural option selection, and design center selections, SAPPHIRE Build manages it all.

Sales & Marketing

Our homebuyers are fully involved in the customization process. A buyer from Kentucky bought a house and almost cancelled because he could not envision the plan flipped. They used the Plan Configurator to show the specified house and options and it saved the sale.

Kendra Saffle

American West


Turn prospects into Buyers by using customizable campaigns, follow up workflows, while maintaining a full customer history from registration cards, surveys and email campaigns to generation of a complete sales contract, addenda, contingencies, deposits, change orders, cancellations, lot transfers and market homes directly.

Demonstrate Your Product with SAPPHIRE Build

  • Interactive Community Maps with Lot Status, Lot Fit & Anti-Monotony Rules
  • Dynamic Floor Plans & Options with Model Option Rules
  • Embedded Presentation Graphics Including Photos & Renderings
  • Configure Each Prospects Home with Options
  • Save Multiple Home Configurations for Each Prospect
  • Print Customized Brochures for Each Prospect

Customizable Prospect Follow-up

  • Prospect Registration & Ratings
  • Workflow for Prospect Follow-up
  • E-Mail & Printed Letter Campaigns
  • Filter Database to Send Specific Follow-up Communication
  • Track All Prospect Communication with Customer History & Notes
  • Customizable Surveys

Streamline Sales Contracts

  • Customizable Contract Templates
  • Generate All Contract Documents On-Demand
  • Manage Custom Options
  • Track Realtor & Mortgage Information
  • Manage Lot Holds, Price Adjustments, Cancellations, Lot Transfers, Back-up Offers & Market Home Sales
  • Calculate Deposits Required
  • Manage Deposit Payment Plans and Track Deposit Status
  • Deposits and Refunds Integrated with Accounting

Monitor Key Sales Metrics

  • Real Time Traffic Reports
  • Conversion Reports
  • Prospect Interests by Model & Option


Customers are able to dynamically select option choices from flooring to appliances to cabinets and more. SAPPHIRE’s graphic presentation system provides an organized process to effectively sell options enabling you to sell more options and customers will have a more enjoyable experience. Your customers can access the Design Center at their leisure and shop the available choices to create their dream home via the internet.

Interactive Option and Color Selection System

  • User Defined Option Rules Drive Options and Selections Available by Community, Plan, Elevation
  • Rules Only Allow Sellable Combinations of Options
  • View Pictures, Renderings &  Detailed Descriptions of Options with Design Presentation Tools
  • Track Completed Selections to Ensure Nothing’s Missed

Contract Management

  • Generate Selections Worksheets
  • Standard Change Order Documents
  • Track Option Deposits
  • Integrated with Sales, Construction & Accounting

Manage Custom Change Requests

  • Redline Floor Plans & Elevations Online
  • User Defined Workflow to Manage Custom Option Approvals
  • Integrated with Sales, Construction & Accounting


The closing entry is automated by SAPPHIRE Build linking all pertinent information with customizable templates built in Microsoft Office Excel. Customize the closing process according to your business processes including allocation of expenses, the recording of soft costs, and mimics the HUD-1 form.

Closing Features

  • Automatically Creates Journal Entry
  • Excel Look & Feel
  • Validation Process Requires  Balancing Before Posting