Mobile Production


Put all vital job information in your superintendents’ hands

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With SAPPHIRE Build, your superintendents can view job information including:

Mobile Production

  • Plans
  • Job start details
  • PO’s & VPO’s
  • Schedules
  • Vendor information
  • Customer selections
  • Customer information

With all job information at their finger tips, your superintendents will be more productive updating schedules, approving PO’s & VPO’s, documenting & tracking issues and communicating with vendors.

Access Job Information Electronically

All customer selection information is easily accessible and always up to date-eliminating the time lag getting the right information in your superintendents’ hands.

Manage Job Schedules Efficiently

SAPPHIRE Build Mobile provides, at a glance, daily job schedules for all tasks scheduled for today and allows you to view entire schedules for a single home. Your superintendents can update schedules, make schedule adjustments and enter schedule delays from their mobile device – all of which are updated in real time.

Improve Quality with Inspections, Photos & Resolution Tracking

Superintendents can manage quality of construction through SAPPHIRE Mobile’s checklists. When issues arise, your superintendents can email the details to the responsible trade and attach photos directly from their phone. Once the vendor has corrected the issue, your superintendent can mark the issue as resolved and all information is saved in the electronic job file.

Seamlessly Communicate with Vendors

SAPPHIRE Build connects your superintendents directly with vendors by having all vendor contact information available at their fingertips.

Control Costs with Integrated PO Approvals & Variance Requests

Your superintendents can view PO’s, approve PO’s for payment and request variances for unplanned costs. All variances include tracking of responsible vendor and reason codes.

SAPPHIRE Build Enables Your Superintendents to Do a Lot More with a Lot Less